Serio’s waterfalls

enjoy this unique outdoor experience with us!
16 june 2019 Valbondione , BG , ITALY


Ride along incredible paths
14 September 2015 Kebnekaise

The bicycle has been with me since I was little, my father and mother are at work, I remember when I was little that I used to go to school, my grandfather used to take me to the country and his stories of "in half now I was in Bergamo, then I left for Val Brembana to visit my grandmother ... "they always enchanted me, I didn't know whether to believe ... until I started pedaling.

The Tour of the Orobie

03-04 August 2019 Orobie, Bergamo

The famous mountain circuit that connects bivouacs and shelters located on the Orobic foothills is a unique experience for all those who love the mountains. Suitable for expert hikers.